Monday, May 07, 2007

All those weeks...

You may have noticed that I've been absent for a week, and that's for a reason. Last week was the week from hell. I've started a new job, a nice one so that's not the problem. The problem was that my son fell ill and kept me awake during the nights. I had forgotten how sluggish you become by not sleeping at night. Things was so bad I even forgot to water my seedlings and they bent like overcooked spagetti over their boxes. I watered them anyway, and most of them recovered.

Other plants have flourished while I turned my back. The basil for exemple. It's so big that when I log it next time I'll have twice the amount I had last, ie two (2) litres (or four pints). I'm going to dig it out of the box and replace it with chives and parsly, mark my words! I have pesto enough for a year.

I've found a nice recipe for the sage that will keep it in check in the future. It's called "Icelandic chicken" (if anyone of my readers are interested in the middle ages you may recognize Cariadoc's miscellany).

My two biggest challenges for now is to replant my seedlings - I have a replant phobia, and to get a vermicompost. The last thing is a bit like getting a cat; you need to care for it, feed it and take care of the poop. Good thing it doesn't have fur; my hubby is allergic.


ericat said...

That is a lovely plant on the photo. I know that feeling when kids keep you awake. Now we are retired and I have kittens every now and then to feed through the night when momcat does not have enough milk. Back to gardening.I am reading your blog with attention, I want to grow some herbs indoors. outside is too dry and hot. feel free to visit my kittens my cat site or garden blog

Anonymous said...

I admire your efforts at home-growing and share your feelings about transplanting - look at my seedling photos here: they are begging to be transplanted!

By the way, your comments on any of the photos would be graciously received - I always look forward to learning from experienced fellow growers.

Keep it up