Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Podcast for the eyes

Podcasts are good things! The last days I've had a severe eyeinfection. For most of the time I've only been able to lay down with my eyes shut. I asked hubby to download this year's Odla i P1 podcasts (Odla is a swedish radioshow for amateur gardeners) to at least have something to listen at. So I listened.

And listened.

And before I knew I was up and about, planting my new herb garden. That was not one minute too early since the plants had been left for some days in their plastic bags (I bought them shortly before I fell ill). Unfortunately this means that the plants doesn't feel well, but I'm still glad the job's done. I even put lables on the box recording the names of the plants, the dates they were planted, date for fertilizing and that I've forgotten to hollow out the layer of leca. The last thing irritates me, since this means the self watering container wont work properly. The soil in the hole is supposed to work as a wick, sucking up moist to the rest. I'll leave the container for now to see how it works out.

It was fun to use the new soil. "Änglamarks balkonglådejord" (Änglamark is Coop Sweden's ekological brand, and Coop is our second big grocery chain - think Walmart or Tesco) is the lable I use now, and the feel of it was different to the cheep seedling soil I've used earlier. It was softer and had a better texture. It will be interesting to see if I have a better result with this. To this soil I added a pellet of "osmocote tabs" per plant. I still don't own a vermicompost, so I have to make do with this.

And to answer an unspoken question; the nice doctor gave eye medicine yesterday. In the future I'll listen to Odla while tending to my plants.

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