Thursday, August 09, 2007

Poll and campain wrap up

This photo is called "Garden party" and photografer is Les Chatfield. You find more of his works as well as his flickr profile here.

It's time for two wrap ups.

The Campain for adopting a nursery.

Noone has adopted this week. I'll return to the campain on tuseday.

The left margin poll.

The steamtrains won a crushing victory. Even when I count the votes from Indoor Gardener and Parkettodlaren together only one have said 'no' to the question if going by steamtrain adds to the fun visiting a nursery. Of course, steamtrains and gardens combined have a lot of advantages. A real train is good to have on a garden sight seeing (and suddenly I dream about having a small castle and a park to make it possible to have a full scale steamtrain...)

To decorate the garden with trains can be made on high levels. When I surfed Creative Commons to find a pic for this post I discovered that New York Botanical gardens has a small model railroad among their plants. Little trains puff their way around model houses from the big city. I wouldn't mind having one in my greenhouse - if I had a greenhouse, that is.

Outdoors I would opt for a garden railway. It's train big enough to be straddled. But don't you think I would use it only for fun. I'm dreaming about planning the rail to make it possible to transport compost material and soil when I'm digging (as well as garden furniture, toys and other stuff). This may not make the work easier, but way more fun.

Since I'm an indoor gardener those dreams may well stay dreams. It's hard fitting a modell train around pots in a window - even in the smallest scale. I wonder if hubby would agree to my plans if we ever buy a house? Of course, he is the one who wants to clear three meters (3 1/3 yards) of our bookshelves to make space for a modell railroad.

Results in the poll.

Indoor Gardener
No 0 vote
Doesn't matter 0 vote
Steamtrains and gardening, what an excellent combination! 3 votes
Makes it easier to bring the spouse 1 vote

No 1 vote
Doesn't matter 1 vote
Steamtrains and gardening, what an excellent combination! 6 votes
Makes it easier to bring the spouse 1 vote

I've a new poll in the margin. "Does your religion have an impact on how you garden?" This is a question good for many thoughts, and for once I'll keep mine to myself until the poll is over.


MrBrownThumb said...

You know I was saving a post on how to make an indoor garden model railroad for later in the year but maybe I'll do it earlier.

I've always liked railroad gardens and when I saw a toy model railroad at what we call a dollar store here in the states. It's a cheap little plastic train but you can always pretend it is something much larger and expensive. As soon as I do it I'll post about it on one of my blogs.

Rosengeranium said...

That's great! I'll read it for sure. And we all know that the price or the material isn't important - it's the fun factor (which tend to increase the lower the prise is for some reason).

ericat said...

We are also more hobby than garden but completely different and without trains. That is complicated to decide between hubbies railroad and books. We had a small problem and that was our aloe and succulent plants hobby. We could not agree where to plant what so solved it easy by dividing the garden in two. aloe wilderness
No way I see a train fit into this garden but I would like to grow some nice fresh vegies and our climate is to dry outside, so maybe I should do it inside like you?