Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm back!

My tiger nuts needs repotting...

Hallo everyone! Thanks for all your kind comments!

I'm finally back. I've worked hard on my paper and was then forced to rest. Now my spirits are finally returning; I want to clean up! You know how a home looks after a member of the household has been immersed in some important task? Laundry in big piles, post (snailmail) ends up whereever there's place for it and, since our roomba has broken a brush, a heavily pebbled floor. (This particular brush has to be sent for from the USA, since the swedish retailer don't have it in stock. Why on earth sell roombas at all, then? On the other hand I wouldn't have an automatic vacuum cleaner at all if they didn't have them, so I'm only complaining a little.)

I can't complain about the spirits of my indoor plants either. Last week I used only homegrown vegetables in a casserole for the first time. Every morning I enjoy a strong lemon balm tea, which are said to restrain viral infections. By a coincindence I've discovered that sciriadae don't like when garlic are planted into the containers. I had a few cloves that had started to sprout, and I dug them down into my herbgarden just to see what happened. After a few days the little things were almost gone from the container. I have to try this out on my other gardens to see if I'm right!

The project has reach a level where it needs some check ups and evaluations, though. I now know that I can grow vegetables in containers. It's time to calculate how I am going to do to get a full amount for three persons.

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jodi said...

Glad you got your paper finished and got some rest into the mix...and don't worry about the housework, etc, because it will all get done--and just need doing again!
The veggie gardening challenge has gone well for you so I'm sure you'll figure out a way to produce even more indoor foods!