Monday, October 08, 2007

Will my weed survive?

I realise few gardeners do this, but I grieve my weed. Of course, since I pick weeds to grow this is quite natural, but I still get this surreal feeling about it. What you see above are my tiger nuts, grown in a container too small and neglected for just one day too long. Compare with the photo I took just a few weeks ago.

That's quite a difference, yet I though this tuft was too big and needed to be split up over a bigger area in a deeper container. I looked forward to harvest a few tubers in the process to get a first taster of the plant.

Other things stalled my plans temporarily, including a mysterious virus infection that have kept me down but not given me any fever. This day I regain vigour and when I started to plan my new gardens I discovered this catastrophy. Tiger nuts are a weed because it's impossible to dig up them entirely and every little pice of root left has the ability to grow a new plant. On the other hand they don't take draught well - I think. The tiger nut is related to papyrus, a plant with a big need for water, and the only advice I recieved concerning the 'nuts' was "don't forget to water". Now I fear I've lost parts of my cultivation the very moment I was about to expand.'

I'll see what happens. Fortunately I have two plants in another container, so I'm not entirely without tiger nuts when I'm starting up my new gardens.

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