Monday, December 03, 2007

Gardening blues...

...that's what I think it is. Jodi (Bloomingwriter) calls it winter-itis, which is another good name for it. Nothing is fun, nothing works out well and I don't feel like anything.

There is a cure, though.


If I only had money I could buy some new seeds (the ones I already have are JUST the wrong kind) and every kind of scented geranium Wibrants Trädgård (link in swedish only - sorry)* are selling - their catalogue arrived today. Plus a small intricate gadget just to cheer me up...

...but I don't have any money. Meh.

(Don't worry. I'll pick myself up tomorrow.)

*Wibrants Trädgård are specialising in geraniums and fuchsias. Not that they have the biggest assortment, but scented geraniums and fuchsias of all kinds hits a soft spot in my gardening heart.

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