Thursday, August 21, 2008

Light, please!

When someone is hinting like this you have to take action. My stevia "Steve" was placed in the darkest corner of the darkest window I use. As you can see he's gone far to make clear that he wanted change. The plant have reached from one corner to another, becoming entangled with chives, sage and basil in the process. In the meantime I've been busy with other things.

I'm still busy with other things, but you can't ignore a plea for too long. Today I cut down Steve completely and put what's left of him in the sunniest window available. The tops of the branches were put in a glas of water to be used as cuttings. Putting them directly into soil works better, but I had to budget my strength and opted for the lightweight alternative. The rest of the branches were stripped of leaves, and I put the leaves in a netbag to dry them for further experiments.

Now, when I had gained speed I used the excess basil to make a litre of spicy oil, using basil (surprise), a fresh chilifruit, garlic and olive oil. This oil is great to use when making baked root vegetables, and has become the saving recipe when I need to trim my herb garden. We will eat yummy root vegetables until October.

Now I can lean back and enjoy the nice sight of oil jars in a kitchen that is twice as bright as before. Wow!


MrBrownThumb said...

Ahh poor little guy. Hope he likes the haircut and new start at life.

Hydroponica said...

The oil recipe sounds interesting... you just chop the stuff up and let it sit in the oil or is there more to it?

And what's your recipe for cooking with it, anything specific?

Rosengeranium said...

Hydroponica: Yup. I'm still experimenting to get the perfect recipe, so right now I just stuff whichever spices that feels right into a jar and pour oil over them.

I use the oil when I roast root vegetables in the oven. Chop the vegetables, pour some oil over them, mix to distribute the oil evenly and put everything in an ovenproof vessel for further cooking.

Mr Brown Thumb: He's still alive at least.

Hydroponica said...

Sounds delicious, I'll have to add that to my repertoire.