Thursday, March 31, 2011

Indoor Gardener and the future

Long time no see... I'm browsing through the long list of comments made during my absence, trying to figure out which ones are real and which ones are undercover spam. It isn't easy, but my goal is to find out and publish the right ones. I suspect it'll be a while before all are up, though.

So, how about my own gardens? The sad truth is that I only have a small tray of seedlings and an aloe vera. In the wake of the Credit Crunch we've lost our four bedroom flat, moved three times and are now living in a tiny one bedroom appartement. Can't say I've been yearning to grow anything since there have been so much else to handle. Thanks to my son, who still fancies growing stuff, and the Nordic Gardens fair I'm on the road again :)

While I was working with Indoor Gardener I started to take an interest to things outside the theme of this blog, and that's how you live environmentally friendly in a city. There are a lot of interesting organisations doing urban permaculture, urban farming and the ever so trendy guerrilla gardening. And there are a lot of old sollutions I think deserve a bigger renaissance - like the allotment movement. Then we have the mass of interesting gadgetry like electric cars, solar cells and living walls. After all I am an enthusiastic gadgeteer. Now, there's not unusual for a blog to migrate into a new topic, but I thought I would warn you over broadening my spectra. Half of the posts will still handle indoor gardening, though.

Another change is that Indoor Gardener and Parkettodlaren will get their own domains. I already own, and now I'm pondering a good name for Indoor Gardener. There are a lot of companies already using this name, and there's competition for the few good url:s left, so I think there'll be a name change for us. The good thing about this is I get a chance to use Word Press and can build informative sites around the blogs. It's a dream of mine to not only write about interesting stuff, but also have a 'fact library' to back up the text. I'll add a few more affiliate links and commercial banners I hand pick to suit the subject. That's what keeps me from doing a decent job and makes it possible to entertain you with texts about indoor tomato plants, so I hope you don't mind :)


Kenneth Moore said...

I am incredibly happy you are back! I look forward to hearing about your gardening adventures. I have found it difficult to grow edibles indoors--you were always an inspiration to me.

In the meantime, I wanted to point something out to you. I have become involved in growing gesneriads, and I edit a newsletter for a chapter of the Gesneriad Society. There's a chapter in Sweden, too, and they will be having their show in Uppsala in June. Their chapter has a lot of very talented gardeners--you may know some, or you may enjoy visiting the show! Here's a link:

Rosengeranium said...

Thanks! I'm glad to hear that! Have you given up on indoor edibles entirely now? Gesneriads are really beautiful plants, if I'm able I'll take a trip to the show.