Friday, April 22, 2011

Finally I've started to make a dream come true!

I've started to write a small handbook in indoor vegetable gardening. Today I spent some happy hours planning the content and making the first sketches. I'll publish the first part on the blog next week. And I'm even more happy with the new online possibilities to publish a text; the plain text will be available as a free download and I'll upload luxury versions (both paper and digital) that'll be cheap to buy. I may even be able to post it as an audio book. All of this is possible because of sites like Podiobooks and Lulu.

The only snag is that I can't put up my own gardens since we are moving in June. Last time I moved with them up tomatoes flew and branches broke, so I've decided to spare myself by starting my indoor gardening after we relocated. Untill then I'm 'stuck' with making plans. We'll get two extra windows for one thing. And I'll have a really good handbook as a help :P .

Also, today I became tenant of two allotments, which means I have a place to dig down bokashi compost when it's ready. This last year I haven't been able to use my bokashi buckets and it've bothered me. Spring will be full of work - but fun!

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ceridwen said...

I shall be interested to see this.

Good luck.