Thursday, November 29, 2007

Another thing about winter...

... is that my lust for gardening is hibernating. I look at my tufty containers and my dried out precultivations and instead of feeling that rush of
"Hi ho, lets go, clean this up!"
I think


jodi said...

Aha! Sounds like you have a slight case of winter-itis. Two things can happen to a gardener as winter approaches; either we heave a sigh of relief that we can spend a few months planning the next planting sessions, catching up on reading and such, OR we go into winter-gardening mode, usually with flowering houseplants that help dispel the gloom. I do the latter, but I also read voraciously about gardening all winter (okay, I read about gardening all the time), to learn more about something I dearly love. Having as many plants in my office as my east and south (but partly shaded) windows will nurture helps me to dispel the seasonal affective disorder that plagues me.
If you're discouraged or tired of trying to grow foods indoors, relax. Give it a break for a bit, and get a flowering plant or three or seventeen that you can nurture and just enjoy for the sake of itself.
Winter will pass (I assume that for you it's a dark and dreary time when the sun is not out, same as here)...I tell myself we're now in December, and it's only 21 days to Solstice--when the days start getting longer again, starting the next night!

cheers from your nova scotian gardening pal

MrBrownThumb said...

LOL, I feel the same way. I spilled some soil in the attic while potting a plant and the first thing I thought was "Meh, noone will be up here 'til spring."

Rosengeranium said...

Thanks, both of you!