Friday, June 03, 2011

The Indoor Gardener should be packing...

I seem to have forgotten to update this blog last week. Dumb mistake on my part! I'm spoiled with my other blogs were I can prewrite my posts and have the host publish them at the right date. When Indoor Gardener moves these hickups won't happen again. Kind of doubble, though - the posts won't always be the latest news, but they will be posted in due time, and most often be better than the scribblings I cobble together becauser thursday has arrived and I'm in a hurry.

There's a lot of cobbling in my life. We are spring farming the three allotments and moving to a new place at the same time. The allotments have gotten most of our attention, and now I'm sitting here wondering how on EARTH we are to be able to move the entire household on Saturday. This Saturday. Bit of a luck that we don't have any indoor gardens to move. I try to plan what I'm going to grow in the windows in the new flat, but I find it hard to concentrate on the subject.

Thanks to an impuls purchase I know what to do with the balcony, though. We bought roses for Precious at Funbo Plantskola (link in swedish), and they hade placed grapes close to their roses. I've always wanted to grow grapes. While I was standing in front of the plants I didn't at all remember why I haven't bought one earlier, and picked a hardy labrusca plant. In the car my memory returned when I read the cultivating advice. Labrusca shuns lime. Not what you want when the water is so calciferous it's almost crunchy (or was - nowadays it's soften by the city, but is still rather limy). Luckily enough I've kept some of my big plastic grow crates, and peat moss is cheap.

The Indoor Gardening hubby have been eyeing the domestic arctic brambles every now and then. He's from the nothernmost parts of sweden, and grew up with arctic brambles like southerners do with strawberries. He'd love to have a few plants. Unfortunately they too shun lime, and don't work here at all. My father tried to grow arctic brambles for years in a similar soil. After a long struggle he got one (1) flower on one plant, and no berry. But if I would plant a grape in a big crate on the balcony, why not add some domestic arctic brambles too? They get beautiful, pink flowers that'll match my only fuchsia perfectly. (Only one fuchsia this year - there has to be something wrong with me...) With that my plan for the balcony was more or less finished. For a while I pondered adding american blueberries to the collection. They taste good and want acidic soil too. Then I remembered how BIG the bushes become... A pink balcony filled with grapes, domestic arctic brambles and one fuchsia will do fine.

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