Thursday, June 09, 2011

Some like it hot...

We've a heatwave in Sweden, and of course I need to do a lot of heavy work now. I just spent three hours at one of our allotments (Angelina), a quick dash home to do some laundry and avoid the hottest hours of the day and will go out this evening to work some two to three hours more. In case I'd feel bored I can always unpack some boxes or plan the next round of transporting stuff between the old and the new home.

I should give you the next part of my planned book, but my notes have disappeared. Hopefully it was not in the move, and thus they will appear again soon. Bummer anyway. I was about to start at the interesting stuff, like how you choose soil and where to put your 'gardens'. If the notes haven't turned up next week I'll reconstruct them to let you read the part anyway.

For weeding reasons I spend most of my time at the allotment. You see the biggest culprit in the picture above. I have no idea what the name is, but it spreads sending long root wines, hidden deep in the soil, all over the patch. Every time I pay a visit I spend most of the time tearing the plants away, and if I'm lucky I'm able to sow some things too. This day I had enough and decided to work like crazy untill I've been able to put all the planned seeds in the soil (thus my decision to work this evening).

When will I put up my indoor gardens? I'm not sure. July I think. It's not really doable before we've unpacked. So I spend my days eyeing the three windows I can use doing some easy plotting. Perhaps I should plant the dwarf pomegrante tree and the eucalypt! I have the seeds and it'd be nice to have some truly exotic plants.


Indoor Gardening l Gardening Channel said...

Very interesting!Indoor gardening is becoming rapidly popular nowadays because of its many benefits. I hope you succeed on your indoor gardening endeavor as well.

Rosengeranium said...

Thanks! Since this is my second try I'm optimistic about my chances :)