Friday, July 13, 2007

Meme; how do you take your coffee?

I admit it; I fell for this and promised to do it eventhough it's not about gardening. On the other hand it was invented by Stuart Robinson with Gardening Tips 'n' Ideas, a blog well worth reading.

Well the questions are about drinking coffee or tea, or more precisly how to enjoy your coffee or tea.

What's your preference - coffee or tea?

Neither. It's cocoa, not only does it wake you up, it gives the brain some pizzazz too.

Instant or brewed?

Usually I do use instant cocoa, Oxfam's "Cacao". These days I make my own cuppa from scratch using 1/2 dl (3-4tbsp) cacao + 1 heaping tbsp sugar mixed to a batter together directly in the cup with a slick of milk. Then the cup is filled with milk and heated in the microwave.

This is not cocoa for kids.

How do you take it?

Since cocoa do contain both milk and sugar I normally don't add anything. Whipped cream is only nice if the cocoa is really strong (and I don't know if I can make my cuppa stronger and still have it in liquid form). I haven't adopted the american custom of putting marshmallows in the cup. My yearning for exotic things has made me try making cacao from bars (Doplhin 88% recommended) and season it with genuine cinnamon. Tasted good.

Do you have a favourite cup?

Well, I think the cup above fits the purpose, so it's the one I most often use. Favourite number two is the mother's day gift for this year; a pink flower ornamented mug. However it holds 5dl (2cups) so I only use it on bad days.

How many will you enjoy during a normal day?

One. Bad days I drink another one - see the recipe above. Believe it or not, I can go on for days without any chocolate at all...

No, I don't drink coffee or tea during these periods. I never drink coffee or tea...

Does it matter if you don't start the day with a coffee/tea?

Depends if I'm well rested and what I'm about to do during the day. If I'm going to study I can afford leaving the cocoa out. If I'm home with my son I absolutely need it. You can't imagine how fast a twoyearold can be...

And now, dear reader, if you haven't written this already, it's your turn. Do you take coffee or tea?


Stuart said...

That was a surprise. I assumed people only made the choice between the obvious two, coffee or tea. However, I do have a friend that never drinks hot drinks at all - not even cocoa.

Great share...

Rosengeranium said...

Well, I'm a bit of a bohemian. On the other hand the french add cocoa to the obvious two (ie. they have obvious three), so I'm not that far out.

If your friend lives in Australia like you not taking hot drinks seems like a good idea. You should have heard my australian friends when I complained about a hot summer day in Sweden;
"Oh yes! It's almost like you can remove your cardigan!" said...

i drink brewed coffee..
even my friend doesnot prefer hot drinks