Sunday, July 22, 2007

There's a fine line between a seed and a weed...

Photgraf "color line", you find his profile and more of his photos here.

I've been surfing gardening blogs and learnt the amazing fact that ground-elder or goutweed (Aegopodium podagraria) is grown as a decorative plant in some places! After pinching myself several times I've realised that this plant may have its benefits - for an indoor gardener. Indoor gardening are done in containers and requires vegetables that grows willingly and can stand some rough treatment (ie. weeds). Furthermore tender leaves of ground-elder are said to be a delicacy. You cook them like spinach, but they taste a bit different.

Said and done. I made a search for "kirskål" on Impecta (one of the best swedish mailorder seed companies), using the swedish name you see here and not the latin one. Absolutely no hits was the result. Since I believe that if a plant can not be found on Impecta, it's not possible to by it in Sweden at all, so I dropped the search. Of course, any swedish gardener trying to grow ground-elder on purpose would soon be visited by an angry mob waving torches and pitchforks. And for a good reason.

Well, if I really want ground elder I do have gardener friends that would happily give me both seeds and plants. Probably after asking
"Are you insane?!"

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