Thursday, July 26, 2007

Poll wrap up

Yo man! Wanna buy tomatoes?...

The poll about what to plant in the gigantic pot is closed since a few days. My wrap up have been delayed by a balcony project though. We are halfway through furnishing the balcony with a pergola, fruit garden, playground and pool.

Well, the poll. A long time I thought it would end with a tie between the international readers of Indoor Gardener and the swedish readers of Parkettodlaren. Strawberries for the kiddo took the lead, closely followed by ulluco and ordinary houseplant. Then some more votes were cast and the result was

Indoor Gardener; Strawberries
Parkettodlaren; Ulluco

If you combine the votes of both blogs the result is

Strawberries 4 votes
Ulluco 4 votes
Potted plant 2 votes
Potatoes 1 vote
Tiger nut 0 vote
Put it away 0 vote

A tie in other words. Since ulluco is extremely hard to come by in Sweden I opted for strawberries. Today I bought ten new plants at Funbo Plantskola (as well as I shot the picture of the garden gnomes). Now I only have to sterilize ca 50 litres (12 gallons) to plant them. This will take time, since I only have two soil pots, and the biggest of them holds 5 litres (1.2 gallons).

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