Monday, July 21, 2008

The Indoor Gardener's vacation

Weeding, watering, hunt for killer slugs, fika, resting, watering, fika, build toolshed, fika, reload the mp3player, weeding, fika, pick rhubarb, lunch, resting, listen to Wiggly Wigglers, watering, chinese, pick sugar snaps, fika, resting, chinese, interior design, shopping, chinese, Babylon5, watering, weeding, watering, resting, shopping, watering, watering, fend off some thrips, pick sugar snaps, dry some mint, resting, fika, Furuviksparken (swedish zoo and amusement park), watering, weeding, shop for weeding tool, Lennakatten, visit friends, look for wallpapers with roses, resting, fika, watering....

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