Monday, July 28, 2008

Size do matter

Looky here. The library window looks tidy again. The Tiny Tim tomatoes seems to thrive and have already sprouted their first flower buds. Little chard seedlings are peeking up above the soil, and they'll soon grow to fill the window. On the other hand none of these plants will become as tall as their predecessors*. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a proportional window display this time.

*Chard reaches a modest height of fifty centimeters compared to the ten meter vines of the indian spinach. 'Tiny Tim' is a miniature tomato, and won't reach the two meter height of the plum tomatoes I grew here before.


MrBrownThumb said...

How cool is that? Very nice good luck with them

Rosengeranium said...


Hydroponica said...

Those Tiny Tims are fantastic.

I've started growing an even smaller hybrid variety called a "Micro Tom". It's fantastic, literally looks like a bonsai tomato. There's a picture of one I started hydroponically here:

That one was donated to a good cause, but I've got another one started in a soil container. I've also got some nice pictures of the first one just before it left my care that I'm going to update soon.

Hydroponica said...

Forgot to ask: is that sterelite container some kind of DIY Earthbox?

I built a massive one for my mom (I documented how I did it in my blog) and yours looks like a perfect size for apartment dwellers.

Rosengeranium said...

Thanks! I'll look up Micro Tom to see if seeds are available in Sweden. Your blog/encyclopedia over hydroponics is way cool, btw, consider yourself bookmarked.

The container is indeed a DIY earthbox (although I didn't know that brand of selfwatering containers before). I made it out of the plastic box "Flaj" from IKEA, and documented the whole process
here (ie. blogentry Friday, March 30, 2007 "How to make a selfwatering container".)