Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A few facts about grow light

Today's work was to empty the container I filled with water yesterday. My plan was to save it for the flowers, but the 'bath tub' prooved irresistible for the younger generation and when I found the cans for flowerwater already filled I gave in and fetched a siphon.

To get you something to read I tracked down a good page about grow light on the net. Little Greenhouse sell greenhouses (surprise) and have put some facts on their website. It's a clear and consise overview.

Indoor Plant Grow Light Guide

If you want added light and can't afford the lamps described you can use ordinary cold-white fluorescent tubes as bright as possible. They work almost as well and are far cheaper. I use them myself.


FarmSchooler said...

Im curious concerning your experiment. And too, where are you located? I am in NE Oklahoma, with a family of 6. We are gardening 3,000 sq ft but Im getting ready to start some serious BOSS sprouts. I had some in a salad last week and LOVE em.

FarmSchooler in NE OK

Rosengeranium said...

I live in Sweden, Europe - more particularly in Uppsala with a climate close to Toronto, although we have less snow. No garden, unless you count the balcony (where I keep a cherry tree).

Glad to hear you are curious! Read on, I'm shifting into second gear right now. :)

Sprouts are the answer to an indoor vegetable gardeners prayers! Unfortunately I can't eat most of them since I'm oversensitive to podded fruits, so I spend quite a lot of time trying to find 'nonpodded' seeds to sprout.

FarmSchooler said...

Okay...whats second gear? Whats the plan?

Rosengeranium said...

My first two years have been much of 'trial and error' - now I have the knowledge and skills to actually set up enough 'gardens' and care for them. Which is what I'm doing right now; mixing soil, fixing broken blinds (to get in sun) putting up more growlights... Plus of course sowing a serious amount of seeds.

FarmSchooler said...

o whats been you yields these last two years? I know feeding a family is a challenge (family of eight here).

Rosengeranium said...

(*Blush*) Part of second gear is to properly record my yields. I haven't done this these previous year, but they have been smallish, to say the least. In periods I've had all my spices from indoor herbs, and good weeks my family of three have had one meal entirely grown by me.

As you can see that's not much, which is why I'm seriously expanding my growing areas indoors. I hope to get a bigger aquaponic system up and running in a few months too, that'll take care of a lot of problems for me - and hopefully give us a fish or two to eat.