Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yatta and collection of the week

If you want to dance yatta and need to grow suitable leaves I do recommend monstera deliciosa - a hardy houseplant. An added bonus is that anyone well endowed will have no troubble finding the right size. (In case you wonder; this is a parody of japanese boy band made by some of the most well known japanese comedians under the name of Happa-tai (leaf squad). The dance have become an internet phenomena and I publish it on this blog because... because... there are green leaves involved?)

This week I choose to promote Urban Farming on Indoor Gardener (the swedish motherblog Parkettodlaren features VI-skogen, an NGO that has been successfull in planting trees around lake Victoria in Africa). The NGO aims at planting food on unused land in cities, and have around 600 gardens around the USA (2008). I'll let them introduce themselves via the vid under the link.

Urban Farming donation page

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