Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tired indoor gardener arranges Christmas collections

Ouch, first pneumonia and then winter vomiting disease. I feel pummeled soft right now. I spend my day in the rocking chair while the plants are on their own in their containers. They seem to be doing fine, thanks to cloudy days and my use of lifelines. The Indoor Garden hubby stays at home caring for me and the son, so I can take it easy for a while.

Strangely enough I can take it easy when it comes to Christmas too; we've already bought christmas food and most of the christmas presents. I don't know how this happened, normally we'd run around like madmen now. Since this makes me able to spice up the details I thought this blog deserved a gift of sorts.

The gift is a small 'collection' (ie. a christmas gift list) I've set up at Send A Cow, a registered charity in the UK. The items you find at the list will be sent to people in Africa to rebuild torn societies and you can either buy an specific thing, like magic muck or harvest training, or donate a sum of money of your choice.

The Indoor Gardener's Christmas Gift List

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