Wednesday, December 17, 2008

To do list

My lungs used their veto today, I need to take it easy. Instead of repotting my seedlings I'll make a to do list for slow execution - else nothing will be done in this household.

To do

  • Sterilise soil
  • Feed the worms (the tin can is full again)
  • Mix new potting soil (jay for home made worm fertiliser!)
  • Repot seedlings
  • Buy sills, consoles, lamps, chains and flourescent lights
  • Paint sills
  • Put up sills and added light
  • Move the mound of pallets under the window in the study
  • Put the potted plants in their new places
  • Order seeds
  • Study ecological farming

I should be able to do one thing per day. Stay tuned to see if I succeed! :)


Anonymous said...

This reminds need I need to get started! I've already ordered my seeds but I need to get together soil, containers, etc etc. I also need to draw up plan for our garden this year so we can purchase supplies and get things built before it is time for seedlings to go outside.

Rosengeranium said...

Oh, sounds really fun! I dearly wish I had a garden to plan for.

Kat said...

That's a great tip. I'm houseplant challenged and tend to forget to feed so maybe this will be the difference between lush houseplants and compost. Happy New Year!