Sunday, April 12, 2009

Christ is risen...

...yes, he is indeed risen!

Unfortunately I didn't attend midnight mass this year. All in all Easter has been kind of bland on our part. But we've met friends and family, and I've been able to repot some plants, so I'm not complaining.

Spring has come to Uppsala, and the first wild plants are peeking up above soil. Tomorrow I'll take a walk to see if I can find any baby nettles. If so I'll make a nettle picking excursion as soon as I can. I could add to this a small essay about the rebirth of nature and the mirror in Jesus' death and revival, with some added treats of mythological parallells in the world religions, giving a phenomenological background as well as take a few peaks of the religio-psycological links to the rites aso. aso. aso. But I won't.

You don't have to complicate religion, just live true to your own beliefs.

Happy Easter!

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