Friday, April 17, 2009

A look in the green book 090417

I haven't brought it out for a while now - at least not for the blog. The cold from Hell still lingers and my first enthusiasm have waned a bit so my writings tend to be short.


I now know better how much water I use every time I water the gardens. This is what I wrote the 14ht of April
"Water needed 12.3 liters [3.25 US gallons]
Bokashifluid 20 milliliters [0.7 US ounces]"
"Soften 15 liters of water" [4 US gallons]"

12.3 liters of water is the smallest amount of water I''ve used while watering. A sunny day the plants craves up to 20 liters (5.2 US gallons). I start to ponder if I really need to soften all that water, but at the same time I remember those thick, yellowish crusts that developed on top of the soil when I didn't do this, so I press on. Those crust can harbour fungus and I have enough work with fungus gnats and thrips as it is.

The big need for water have made me upgrade my tools. Now I'm not only use the ten liter jam cauldron, I've added the five liter everyday kettle.

6th of April
"Popcorn sprouts ready! Bitter and a surprisingly sweet aftertaste. The seed is still hard - better to be used cooked or as babyleaf."
My quest for sprouts I can eat continues. I liked these popcornsprouts, but the hard corn made them difficult to eat so the can remains in the fridge. I'm planning a larger babyleafgarden with popcorn, sallads and peas. Will be fun!

16th of April
"Had two sugarsnap pods 10g harvest."
Yupp, the modest start of my harvest my friends. 10g (0.35 ounces) sugarsnaps, I'm not exactly calling BBC or CNN, but it is still pretty cool.

Something I will write about this evening is the letter I got in the mail today. I have a habit of attending every contest I can find when I'm visiting a fair, and it turns out I won a gift certificate at Plantagen (swedish plant mall) on Nordica Gardens. Jaaaaaay, I can shooooooooop!


Kenneth Moore said...


I need to start checking out garden shows here in DC.

Today I went to a talk about "The Best Vegetables To Grow In DC." They were telling us about plants that are good for our climate and soil, when to plant, and when it's just not worth it to keep trying with that plant (that will be the hardest for me!).

They were focused on outdoor gardening, of course, but I got a lot of good information and free heirloom tomato seeds.

There is a plant sale I am going to next weekend at the National Arboretum. I am super-excited!

I am going to start doing little containers of supplemental plants, like my strawberries and herbs.

Oh, and the willow tree.

I also planted a few apple seeds.


Rosengeranium said...


Sounds like you'll have an indoor jungle in no time. Like you I never give up on a plant - it's just as hard as _not_ buying any seeds :)