Monday, April 13, 2009

Little things for Earth Month

I've been tagged in a meme by Green LA Girl. It's "FilterForGood Blog Meme Contest" started by Blake at FilterForGood. I don't join every meme I've invited to, but I'm doing this since it's a contest (can't resist those) and since I can put a spotlight to those small things you can do to live more sustainable.

So, the five "FilterForGood"things I'll do during Earth Month (and continue to do).

1. Close the water tap while I'm washing my hands.
In other words; I'll wet my hands, close the tap, lather and then open the tap to rinse off. This saves water and heat. I'll give you a gold star if you use luke warm water instead of warm.

2. Only light the lamps in the room I'm in at the moment.
I'm going to do some check ups every now and then - those little buttons by the doors are easy to forget.

3. Using communal transport to get to work.
I do this every day - perhaps some day I'll understand all those who goes to work alone in a car. Unfortunately I can't go by bike to work - this would have been my promise otherwise.

4. Meassure the exact amount of water needed when I'm boiling teawater.
We are using a electric kettle which demands a lot of electricity, and still is the most economical alternative compared to put an ordinary kettle on the stove. I used to fill water in it by looking at the grading from the outside while I was pouring. A while ago I decided to see how much extra water I got using this method. Turned out I boiled almost an extra cup - every time.

5. Compost all household waste possible to compost.
It's easy to do with a bokashi and a vermicompost. If you don't have any, check out if there is compost collecting available in you heighbourhood.

According to the rules I would list five things I'm planning to do for the environment during Earth Month (check!), tag five other blogs for the meme and tell them via their commentary section, and then hyperlink back to the starting blog using the hyperlinked text “FilterForGood Blog Meme Contest.” at the end of the list. Well, fair enough, here are my five tagged blogs:

A posse ad esse
Paul Gardener blogs about his urban farmsted where he and his wife grows most of what they need for themselves and their three children.

The Indoor Garden(er)
He grows vegetables indoors, just like me. Although he doesn't have a family - I think (?).

The Unusually Unusual Farmchic
Another urban farmsteder. Her latest post treats a variety of things, including harvesting chicory, upsidedown tomatoes and building a four poster bed.

Bad Human! Don't take chemicals
A pair documening their ride on the "green" teeter totter. Many good DIY ideas, including making home made shaving cream.

Encyclopedia Hydroponica
Blog about growing plants in hydrocultures.

"The rules are simple. If you’re tagged, post five things you plan to do for the environment this Earth Month on your blog. At the end of your list, tag five of your favorite blogs, and include a link back to this post using the hyperlinked text “FilterForGood Blog Meme Contest.” Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs, or on their Twitter accounts (using the hash tag #FFGBlogMeme). Also, be sure to include these rules at the bottom of your post."

“FilterForGood Blog Meme Contest.”


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Quite a task ... your good_things list ... good luck! ... cheers... ~ bangchik at blotanical

green LA girl said...

I'm curious -- Which composting system do you personally use?

Kenneth Moore said...

LoL! Yes, I live alone (except for my worms and fungus gnats and the occasional cockroach). I'm just about to post my response to this!

Rosengeranium said...

Bangchick: Thanks!

Green LA Girl: I use vermicompost and bokashi. I still experimenting with the bokashi to see where the best place is to dispose of the 'pickling' when it's ready. Currently I put it in the vermicompost but the smell seems to linger a bit so I'm not sure if I should continue doing it.

Kenneth Moore: Ok, I head over to read.