Friday, May 29, 2009

Guerilla Gardening

Guerilla gardening is not big in Sweden - yet. I hope it'll grow, since we do have abandoned public spaces that needs tending to, and it'd drag people away from the computers for a while ;). I found this vid about it on YouTube, and you can read more about it here, so when you need some change from the indoor vegetables you can go outdoors and paint the city with flowers ;).


Kenneth Moore said...

Gah! I'm fighting my own battle to maintain my guerrilla garden here in DC. I guess the problem was that I like the surprise--you think it's a pile of weeds? Wait a few weeks until my sunflowers bloom! But then people throw trash on your sunflowers. Or walk on them. Or pull them up because you planted them where people prefer to see bare dirt.

Gah. Bitterness. :-p

ceridwen said...

You know me - all in favour of a bit of guerilla gardening! Lets hope it does take off in Sweden okay....and for anyone who wants ideas how-to - theres now 2 books to my knowledge on this:
"on guerrilla gardening" by Richard Reynolds (the guy in the video)
and I've also just discovered "Guerrilla Gardening - a manualfesto" by David Tracey.

Rosengeranium said...

Kenneth: That's the big dirty world! Lick your wounds and try again. In your case I would try something that's more spikey to keep lazy vandals off. A few roses around the sunflowers perhaps. Try rosa rugosa, grows like weeds, have pink flowers and excellent smell, and have extremely prickly thorns. Use leather gloves and a leather jacket when you plant them.

Ceridwen: I think I'm going to scan my surroundings to see if there are any lost areas here. "Unfortunately" we have a very good city gardener at the moment, so I may be out of luck.