Sunday, May 10, 2009

A worm composting horror story

My worms are live and kicking (metaphorically speaking at least - I would be very surprised if I found that they'd grown legs), and they stays in the bin even though they are kept in the dark. This lady wasn't as lucky with her first batch, and she still kept on vermicomposting. Perhaps you need that kind of chock in the beginning of a hobby to make it last, my first indoor vegetable gardening experiments were... well... perhaps I should take that in another blogpost ;) .


Kenneth Moore said...


Nice video. My worms, then, seem pretty content. Very few tried to escape.

Or maybe they're just mostly dead? I find a few now and then, but... I dunno. I worry that they have mostly died. :-S

Rosengeranium said...

If your compost starts to smell bad eventhough you haven't fed it, then I'd say they're dead. But my own worms are kind of shy, and pretty fast to hide if something unusual happens, so I think yours have had time to hide away for some reason when you look after them. And, they may need more time to become as many as they should be - took me a while before I had any population to speak about in my bin.

Kenneth Moore said...

Ah, then I won't worry. It doesn't really smell--I mean, it smells almost like earth, which is what it's supposed to smell like. I'll leave them alone and hope for the best!

Rosengeranium said...

I keep my fingers crossed! Good luck!