Sunday, May 17, 2009

Seventeenth of May ie. Syttende Mai

Today it's Syttende Mai, which is Norway's national day and the day after their team won a record victory in the Eurovision Song Contest. To say "Congratulations!" is like using a pea when a melon is needed. I take the chance to post two of my favourite norwegian vids here. The one above is the chef Andreas Viestad from New Scandinavian Cooking making smoked trout with nettle soup. He boils them in pure cream, deary me!

Below is the winning song of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. It'll take a while before I grow tired of watching it. The song is good, but take a look at the dancers! I want to be able to make musical push up sommersaults and jump onto hand stance and flail with my legs like that! Hmmmm, if I start now and train hard I may be able to do it when I turn fifty. Do you think Frikar will take a trainee?...

I think the common denominator of the vids is 'More of Everything'. That is a recipe for success if ever I saw one!



Kenneth Moore said...

Fun song! I missed Eurovision this year... I followed it in 2007, but I keep forgetting to look it up again.

I love songs with string instruments. Congrats Norway!

ceridwen said...

Crikey - they're fit....whew! Well - I didnt watch the contest. But - just from seeing their entry - I would say they are a very deserving winner. A lot of skill and effort has gone into that. So - congratulations to them.

Rosengeranium said...

Actually, neither did I watch the contest but "Fairytale" with Rybak went up on ViralVideoChart so I had to watch what the fuss was all about.

One of my Norwegian friends told me last year that the Eurovision Song Contest isn't as important to them as it is to swede (we are apparently a bit obsessed :P ). I wonder if that's changed now.