Monday, June 15, 2009

And I threw away the shoes...

*cough* *hrm* I really need to look over how I live my life. For some weeks now I've walked around with shoes that gave me an inflammation in my leg, though I didn't care much about it - untill last night when I stepped down from a chair and it felt like something broke in a muscel. Ever since my style of walking has looked more like something worthy ministry of silly walks rather than me walking somewhere, so I called my local health center and asked if I could borrow a pair of crutches.
"Sure," they said "just pop in!"
I went over (the center lies within five minutes walk from my home) and found that the computer system had broken down. Doctors patrolled the corridors with weary eyes asking
"Who are you? Are you my patient?"
The nurse who handed me the crutches was on top of things though. She noticed me in the waiting room and adjusted them for my size before I limped into her office. I was impressed. She left a note at the reception desk to make it possible for me to officialy return the crutches and I then I skipped out of the building.

Believe me, if you've been limping for almost a day it feels like skipping when you get a pair of crutches.

I discovered that it's hard watering with a can while walking with crutches, and I suspect my gardens will have to stand a bit of maltreatment in the days to come. Fortunately it's cloudy and I watered the plants this saturday, and, even more furtunately, I can ask the indoor hubby for help when they get thirsty again.

I've put up a poll in the right margin - you know that we are looking for a new place to live. My problem is that I can't decide wether we should move to a small flat downtown or a bigger house in the country which is cheaper and makes it possbile for me to garden big (in that case I'd have to set up a second blog called "Indoor Gardener Outdoors" or something). Some more input on the subject would be very helpfull, thanks!


Kenneth Moore said...

Oh man... I hope your leg starts feeling better! I, too, don't pay attention to myself... I haven't eaten yet today because I've been doing garden stuff. I should get on top of that.

And, house or flat? Do you want a bigger garden farther away from conveniences, or are you okay being constrained indoors (which you seem to do very well with!) but being close to many city conveniences?

Personally, I want you to stay in a flat--I learn so much about how to garden in my apartment by reading your blog! But that's my selfish motivation. :-D

Rosengeranium said...

The leg is getting better and better, I guess it'll be completely healed at Saturday or Sunday.

I'll see what I can do about the flat :) Now, get something to eat - or chew on the plants if they are ripe enough. That's the advantages of being an indoor vegtable gardener ;)