Sunday, June 07, 2009

So, did I follow the plans I would stick to?

January the first this year I posted my new years resolution to this blog, and that was

to stick to the plan

After that I forgot what the actual plans I set up was, but they have hoovered over me like dark clouds anyway. Today I looked up what I said I'd do and found a short list (*relieved sigh*). Let's work it through post by post.

  • To fully furnish two more 'cultivation windows'

I've done it! Well, I didn't put up grow lights as I planned to, but that's because I'm trying chard in low light positions (the plant is supposed to stand that) and one window is facing south so the plants won't need extra light for another two months or so.

  • Build nine raised beds on my allotment gardens

Check, but not because I built the beds but because I had to give the allotments up. I miss them, but the indoor gardens take all the time I have.

  • Clear and put up wallpapers in my study

We're on the way of doing this. Right now we are putting up wallpapers in the hallway and selling off stuff to actually get into the study. The room has served as a lumber room for far too long.

  • Put up a living wall in my study using aquaponics

Since we are about to move this will be in my new study.

I have to say I'm doing better than I thought I would. Two posts are checked and one is on its way.

But there is one plan I haven't followed. I haven't loosed any weight. But I will start on this project soon. I will. Soon. Absolutely. Soon...

(Why, oh why, do cinnamon rolls taste so good?)


Kenneth Moore said...

Rosengeranium, I have lost the amount of weight that your plan indicates in one year (this Tuesday will actually be my one year anniversary of starting weight loss), so I know it's possible for you. But I started at 280 pounds, eating Chinese food and cheeseburgers to being vegetarian and walking a heck of a lot, so I think it was easier for me, because I was so bad at the start!

Chinese food is still my weakness... You have to allow yourself to have it (cinnamon rolls) every once in a while. The hard part is deciding what "once in a while" means. :-D

Congratulations on having so many resolutions completed already! I have a lot of mine done, but I still haven't seen a financial adviser or gone to the dentist... In time.

Rosengeranium said...

Heh, right now "once in a while" means every other hour... I know it should be every other day but I'm caught in a negative spin that will take some time to break. My curse is that I've lost weight before - I know the drill which makes me procrastinate. A lot.

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