Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Return of the Indoor Gardener

You may wonder what I've done these weeks. I've been thinking mostly, I needed that. Unfortunately one of the weeks was claimed buy norovirus, so I had to postpone the gifts I planned for you. Right now I blogging at my favourite café while trying not to think on what a kliché I am. They got plastic plants, I'll spare you a picture. 'Even a whiltered plant is better than a flourishing plastic flower' to travesty the old indoeuropeans.

I've several plans for the blog. Coming next is my sowing round for Christmas. I'm dreaming of freshly picked tomatoes and green leaves on the christmas table. The next post will be a picture reportage from this event to give you deep insights in these (rather shallow) mysteries. I hope to make more informative posts like that. Another plan is to try out more plants and methods to get higher yields. If I ever build those seedling benches is another question, perhaps some things are better left as they are.

Having said that I wish a Happy Diwali to all who celebrates!

* The original saying goes something like "Even a thin horse is better than a wellfed ass." (I'm translating classical sanskrit via swedish.)

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Whitney said...

Glad you are back and looking forward to your upcoming posts!