Sunday, October 12, 2008

The World Bank and Durga Puja

I've had one of those tired weekends, so I have to post both the saturday and the sunday vid today. The first one is from the World Bank, I'm actually subscribed to their channel. From my days in the politics and in various NGOs my view on this institution hasn't been good. In fact I thought for long that I'd subscribed to the channel of an alternative organisation with a similar name. This both proves how rusty I am and how low my view on the WB has been. But I may have to rethink this a little.

I hope so.

This vid is about the Global Development Marketplace competition of the year. The theme was sustainable agriculture and we can see a fascinating lot of projects, and some of them holds relevance to indoor gardening.

The other vid is an animation about Durga Puja. Durga is an indian goddess and her festival (puja) ended this Thursday. I could write quite a lot about Durga, indian religion and festivals, but I sugest you enjoy the vid instead. Some things are best understood with the heart.

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kompoStella said...

thank you for sharing the Durga puja vid! took me right back there, the music and the warmth of the colours did. the only thing missing was the big swarming flocks of people i remember!