Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The worms deliver

The bottom tray of my homemade vermicompost has remained dry for a very long time. According to Those Who Know surplus fluid would seep into it, making an excellent base for compost tea. However my vermicompost seemed to have reach the ideal percentage of moist at once, so I stopped checking the tray...

...untill the day before yesterday when hubby accidentally poured some deciliters (cups) of black liquid over the floor while he was tidying the understairs cupboard. This made him a bit tired, not only for the sake of the puddle, but also since he had wasted valuable fertiliser. We decided to not cry over spilt drips, and today we had enough to make the first everyday watering with compost tea.

Thus, eventhough I'm frustrated that everything takes longer time than expected, I'm proud to see that I'm steadily nearing the goal.

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