Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A few things you didn't know

Some days ago I awarded "The Tree of Happiness Award" to the Hunky Gardener with "Guy Meets Garden" (among others). He was so thrilled he passed the award along to all of his readers, as well as a tag. The tag requires me to tell seven quirky facts about myself, so here we go:

1. I´m tooting when I blow my nose. It's so bad that my grandma once asked if someone rang the doorbell when I blew my nose outside her room.

2. One of my jobs on the side was to play ms Santa at a computer company christmas party.

3. During said party the christmas tree went up in flames due to misplaced fireworks, which in the end made me offer Tore Skogman (old iconic swedish entertainer) an icecream.

4. I'm a big time gadgeteer. The only reason I don't carry a pocket blow torch in my handbag is that I can't find any excuse for doing so.

5. When I was a kid I ran and hid somewhere as soon as there was romance on the telly. I had no problem with fights and gory war scenes, but my mother wouldn't allow me to see them. I had some difficulties to follow the story in the shows I was watching.

6. We don't have a telly since we have too many other interests and hobbies. The last telly was thrown out when we discovered that the on/off button had a thick layer of dust on top. (Yup, this was so long ago that the telly had one of those.)

7. I managed to get into the manuscript department of British Library and handle real codexes (medieval handwritten manuscripts) without understanding a word of what the librarians said to me. We were all fluent in english.

(Hm, to be honest on that last fact; I did understand the head curator, which probably saved my day at BL. Still, the portrait on my Readers Pass (taken on spot) displays the most magnificent linguistical panic I've ever seen.)

Well, my friends, the tag is yours! Post a comment if you accept it - I'm always open for new knowledge :)

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