Friday, March 06, 2009

A look in the green book 090306

As you can see I'm no friend of Photoshop, that purple shine is from the plant light I've hung over the tomatoes. The son was kind enought to give the 'Enorma' bean two sticks, and then he broke the vine trying to help it wrap itself around the support. With such an enthusiasm he'll be a great gardener.

Well, weekend is here! Let's see what's in the green book this time.

Saturday 28th of February "Started some popcorn sprouts."
I read in "Fresh Food From Small Spaces" that it's possible to sprout corn, so I decided to give it a try. Perhaps I mentioned that we have a surplus of dry corn here. Unfortunately the batch is four to five years old. Wednesday the 4th of March two corns had sprouted in an one deciliter starter. I threw away that one and decided to find some fresher corns - preferable ones that are not prepared for microvaweovens. I look for them in my scarce free time (I have a job now, after all).

Sunday 1th of March "The two 'Enorma' seedlings are about twenty centimeters (eight inches) high. What have I gotten myself into?"
'Enorma' is a scarlet runner bean. I sowed them on Sunday, they broke surface on thursday and three days later they were twenty centimeters (eight inches) long. Today, further five days later they've added about fourty centimeters (sixteen inches) to that. Apparently I'm dealing with this round's 'Seymore' 1 & 2, and it's more than time to give them their big, permanent containers. In addition to that four oilseed pumpkin seedlings is growing in egg containers, and they are way too muscular for this. I'm working hard mixing new soil and sterilising terracotta pots to be able to do some heavy repotting.

You may understand why I'm tired. I intend to spend the rest of the evening watching "Open Gardens"; I hope to find one that is entirely edible...

Oh, and I can't resist giving you some friday fun - this one has gone viral incredibly fast:

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