Friday, March 13, 2009

A look in the green book 090313

It's been Friday 13th in Uppsala, which means I'm writing this late at night. Let's take a peek on my records from the last week.

Monday March 9th
Repotted the first 'Enorma' runnerbean. The cheap potting soil is mostly peat moss, bark and sand (surprise). I need to buy some new.
I already knew it! Cheap potting soil is mostly peat, still I was 'thrifty' when I bought my last fourty liters (one bushel). Guess the difference in price; nine kronas (about one dollar)! Bah! And rubbing this soil (which I do when I pondering something during the repotting process) is downright uncomfortable; it's prickly.

Conclusion: Go for the expensive potting soil - the difference in price is not that big.

Tuesday March 10th
Pepper #4 about to break surface
Suger melon 'Early Silverline' #33 about to break surface
Scallions about to break surface
Onion "47, 50 & 51" about to break surface

Yes, I number my seeds. It's easy when you are sowing into eggshell pots; you just take a pencil and write on the shell. Using a pencil is important, since the graphite is nonpoisonous. Then you can write a lot about the plants on a paper using the numbers as references - this way you won't worry about fitting everything in on a small stick of wood (or plastic).

Wednesday March 11th
Looked for branches on the way home. Picked a minor forest which I defrosted, cut of the thinnest twigs and pointed at the bottom end.
You should have seen the look on my neighbours face when I met him! I picked the branches from a thining area in our local wood, and was careful to just pick ones that wouldn't be of any real use. Not that I know what the county wants to do with the stuff the remove from the woods, but bigger logs could sure be sold as timber. Minor branches works better in an indoor gardening project, and my plants actually looks trendy with their new trellises. (Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Since when am I trendy?! Curse you, Shabby Chick!)

I promise I'll get you a photo later on!

To conclude I can say I've spent most of the week repotting plants. As you already know the oil seed pumpkins almost burst through their shells before I repotted them. Their vigour is fearsome! Yesterday and today I took some vacation from this job, but tommorrow I have at least three plants to work with - if I have enough soil...


A small vid for the weekend. Since herbs are one of the top indoor gardening crops I post Patti Moreno's tip on how to freeze herbs, using this you can rotate your herbgarden and won't be locked to grow everything at once.

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