Saturday, February 24, 2007


When you are into gardening you have to buy your seeds from somewhere. There's a lot of firms available, Thompson and Morgan for exemple. Good enough if you want ordinary plants, but if you are like me, and want to do things the most complicated way, then you'll probably want an retailer selling something extra.

Impecta is a firm like this. They specialises in old swedish traditional crops, but you can find almost anything there. For exemple I read about the tiger nut in an article (the tiger nut is almost unknown Sweden) where I was recommended to buy seeds from french retailers, if I wanted to grow some. ”Haha!” I thought and went to the webpage of Impecta. Yup! They got it. They also have Canary Islands dragon tree, tuberous pea and strawberrysticks, if that's what you want. The only thing I haven't find in their online shop is ulluco. They don't have it - yet.

So, if you are of swedish ancestry and are looking for swedish traditional crops, Impecta's online shop is well worth a visit. Unfortunately the pages is in swedish only, but they do sell to countries outside Sweden and you can most certainly email questions to them in english – most swedes are pretty good at this language. If you are searching for particular crops they always list their seeds on both common and latin name.


Joppe said...

I seriously contemplate an English verion of my blog. It would take time though and I don't have time.. In between, is there a portal or something like where Swedish Plant-bloggers (stupid word, I know but what to call it?)could meet and exchange experiences and adresses? I don't know any :0

Rosengeranium said...

Neither do I, at least not a 'classical' one. I've made a post to answer your question, since I mislaid your comment when I moderated it. och are the sites closest to your requests.

Happy Gardening!