Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Indoor compost

This picture is called "Still life with compost", photografer is Kevin Saff,
you find more of his photos here, and can read his blog here.

There are people composting indoors, usually using a vermicomposting system. One of my friends and her mother deported their vermicompost to the furthermost corner of their terrace house garden when it started to stink. They are more of romantics than practically inclined, which makes me suspect that they didn't care for it in the right way. Knowledgeable people reassures that a working vermicompost don't stink. Hm.

In the long run I'm planning to try it out, but not before I've did some more studying on the subject. Perhaps I'd better start this summer, when it's possible to place the entire thing on the balcony while I figure out how to tend to it. But it doesn't seems so hard. You use three containers to be able to exchange composting bins in a steady pace, leaves a wet newspaper for the little worms to live in when you start up the compost, and then you only add as much waste as they are able to eat. Appart from citrus peals, almost everything seems to fit inside.

Keep your fingers crossed for me when I start...

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MrBrownThumb said...


I just replied to your comment and wanted to come check out your blog. It's pretty neat I like the indoor gardener aspect of it. I wish more blogs were about gardening indoors.

Anway if you want to do a link swap let me know and I'll add you to my list.

And do make sure to keep me updated. If you have questions about getting more people feel free to ask.