Monday, February 05, 2007

Sigh... but on the other hand!

It's no fun making mistakes. Most of my babyleaves have withered and are dying. Only one out of five pots have healthy green leaves, I had hoped for greater success. As you already know the soil is caking itself when I'm watering the plants, and when I think about it I may have been a bit to optimistic on how good my selfwatering pots are. The soil was still moist when I checked the plants, but definately in the drying stage. Right now I'm hoping that watering by sinking the entire pot into water will do the trick, and have placed the pots with living plants in water to the brim. Perhaps this will not only waken the plants, but also fluff up the soil...? Is that a feasible hope?

On the other hand the extra light I put up for my little herbgarden is working well. Both the sage and the mint are doing fine and are enthusiaticalle sprouting new leaves. Right now I'm enjoying the first cup of mint tea made from homegrown mint for this year. Furthermore I recieved the Thompson & Morgan catalogue yesterday. This is mouthwatering high culture entertainment for a gardener. It's a good thing I'm broke, otherwise I'd by more strange seeds.

And blueberryplants! Definately blueberryplants!


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