Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Big plans - small plants

These are soon ex-plants.

Big things are comming up in my indoor garden. I'm about to replant seedlings for the first time. Yepp, that's right; I've been growing stuff ever since I was a kid, and I've never replanted seedlings before. I have vague recollections of trying it out and failing misserably, and ever since the attitude of 'this is to complicated and troublesome' has stuck in my mind.

That attitude drives me crazy in others, so why should I save it for my self? I've decided to replant the purslanes when they are big enough. And they start to reach that stage now. I'm nervous...

Another thing I've realised is that I need to (*gasp*) throw away some plants. That christmas group that I've managed to keep alive, as well as the ponytail palm my grandmother gave me when I was ten has to go. They occupy valuable space, and are not eatable.

Adding to that is my behaviour ever since I read the instructions on how to grow potatoes in buckets. I'm walking around, eyeing empty floor spots trying to establish if I can squeeze in 14 potato buckets in this flat. Potatoes takes about 14 weeks to mature, see, and with 14 buckets I can sow and harvest a bucket a week. Sometimes I really don't know if I'm crazy or a genius....

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