Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's beginning to grow on me...

I couldn't resist posting a better photo on my pansies. The last one's got a horrible reddish tint. Turned out they weren't that much of a bummer. Pansies are edible, and thus they have a place in this home. I haven't tried them yet, though, since I'm not sure how much poison and other muck the retailer have used on them. In my copious free time (ahahah*) I may some day call them and find out.

I'm definately starting to get a surplus. The basil will soon ask for citizenship or house mimmoths unless I'll find out how to make pesto soon. I still haven't found out what to do with the sage - and even the tarragon are putting on airs.

And of course; I didn't come around to replant the purslane. I have to stay content thinning it out instead. But I wont need to worry about finding a purpose - it can be used as spinach...

You may have noticed that this blog have hiccupped the last week. I've gotten a new job, and are rearranging my schedule. I'm trying to cram five entities into a time space where only three can fit. Believe or not - I'm about to make it. Jay!

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