Friday, April 13, 2007

The Small Garden Encyclopedia - review

I admit it, currently I'm buying books with pretty pictures to look at. This is an ideal one. You gett colourful flowers and the tools are either shiny new or eastetically worn (I'm particularly impressed by the hands that are replanting plants and digging in soil without getting even a speck on them). Every opening covers a task or a tool (if you call a vermicompost a tool) connected to a small garden. You get work instructions for almost anything; garden design, vermicompost, container gardening, damm building, you name it...

The part on container gardening was a bit weak. It's more about painting baskets and arranging flowers than how to water or which container to chose for what environment. You do get a small recipe for a self waterer and tips about water keeping crystals. You get more interesting stuff on that topic in the part covering conservatories. Anyone who really wants to grow vegetables indoors should take a look on the vegetable part (surprise). Here you get valuable instructions on intensive using of the soil, advice I haven't found in any other book for beginners (I do suspect you can find more in 'heavier' books). I also found the advice on how to grow big vegetables/plants in small spaces helpful, which is another indoor gardener problem.

This book gets 7 pots out of 10.

The Small Garden Encyclopedia
Ed. Sue Phillips
Salamander Books Ltd 2002

ISBN-10: 1571458441
ISBN-13: 978-1571458445

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