Sunday, April 08, 2007

Gardening blog fora in swedish (and english)

I actually mislaid a comment to my posts a few minutes ago. Ie. I published it and didnt't find it afterwards when I wanted to answer the question. Joppe asked if I knew any swedish web fora for swedish bloggers, since he (she?) hadn't found any. I decided to make a short post out of the answer instead.

There is one site that provides blog service and a forum for bloggers that is specifically for gardeners. It's called

Trädgårdsblogg & Gröna sidan
(the URL is

I haven't checked it out much, so I don't know if there are any exchanging of adresses or if they have a directory for gardening blogs outside their own service, but this is the second place where I should go. (The name translates roughly to "Gardening blogs and green pages".)

The first place is

Sweden's biggest gardener forum. They don't have a place for garden bloggers yet, but I have a feeling that many garden bloggers pay a visit there sooner or later, so I started a thread called "Trädgårdsblogg och utbyte av adresser" (transl: "gardening blogs and exchange of adresses"). (It's listed under "Småprat om trädgård", do pay a visit and jot down some lines about your blog if you have a swedish one.)

If you speak and write in english you should start your gardening blog surfing at

Garden Voices

Yes, I'm listed there (and honoured to be, too), and that's where I started when I was a fresh garden blogger (just a seedling so to speak). Lots of interesting gardening blogs to read.

And last, but not least, don't forget our first international gardening blog competition

Mouse & Trowel Awards

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Georgia said...

I am looking for advise for the sunroom We am building. It is year around and I want a brick floor. My concern is the base flooring. I wanted to put a moisture barrier(plastic) then crush and run stone and a layer of sand to put the brick on. My reasoning is drainage. I have been told it would be better for a 2" layer of concrete (with drains) then sand then brick. This advise was given because the dirt will allow musty smell and moisture to come through. Anyone have opinion or suggestion?