Saturday, April 21, 2007

Plans and pesto

Yesterday I logged the basil and made a litre (a quart) of pesto. Today I have a headache, since I'm sensitive to garlic in those amounts you eat when you try ti finish of large amounts of pesto. Heh, I knew what I did and I have to admit that it was worth it. Pesto is freezable fortunately, and our friends on the potluck today all agreed that if you have to priorotize between nuts and garlic you choose garlic.

Today I've planned next round of sowing. Ie. I've spread my seed bags over the table top and written down the names of the plants to sow on the backside of an envelope. I concluded that I need to document more of my efforts. This week I've had my first bigger harvests, but I'm not sure when I sowed them. If I'm not sure on how long the interval is between sowing and harvesting I can't accurately calculate sowing cycles and how to overlap the 'generations' of the different sowing boxes. Next sowing round will in other words be properly documented - och the backside of an envelope, since old envelopes are an infinite source of paper (as well as documentation is an infinite source of notes).

And I wrote a small wish list to myself on what to buy from Impecta next time.

  • Strawberry sticks
  • Sugar plant
  • Okra
  • Sorrel

I'll see if I'll be kind to myself next time I get money...

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