Friday, January 25, 2008

Doing drugs is stupid

This photo is called "No Drugs" and was taken by Jo Simon. You find more of his photos and his flickr-profile here.

It's worth saying more than once; doing drugs is stupid. While surfing YouTube for interesting movies for indoor gardeners, I come across many that are about illegal growing of cannabis - kid you not, more than 75% percent of my hits are about ganja. If I ever see a human in the movie he (I have yet to find a she) often wears an attitude of Doing The Right Stuff (tm).


I'm a teetotaller myself. In fact I'm fearfully clean since I neither smoke nor drink tea or coffee. My only weaknesses are chocolate (ie. teobroma) and religion (some do regard this as a drug). Many drug users would tell me that I "don't understand what this is all about". To some extent perhaps; I have never seen an intoxication from the inside. But I do see them from the outside, and see the things that drug users don't see themselves, or in some cases don't want to see. Every drug has its own spectra of disadvantages, and I have never seen one where the advantages are overshadowing the disadvantages.

So, if you are going to grow stuff indoors, grow vegetables. Trust me, you will feel much better in the long run.

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