Monday, January 14, 2008


No, despite the umlaut this isn't a new and intriguing piece of furniture from IKEA. "Pflanzensprüher" is a german word meaning "pressure plantsprayer" and I've always thought that if you need some humour in your work you should add a german word or two (this is probably a swedish thing). I bought two plantsprayers at a cheapstore today. The lables were made for EU and printed with no less than twentyfour languages - for exemple "pressure plantsprayer" is called "pulverizador de pressão para plantas" portuguese (does anyone dare to aim with a thing like that at a flower?!). Languages aside I bought the plantsprayers to be able to spray my plants to prevent infestation from bugs and pests. The Uppsalawater is pretty rich in calcium and with a trusty sprayer I can be sure to use demineralised water instead.

Since I'm a person that wants Things To Be Done Properly I also tried the sprayers out in store.

Imagine this; a somewhat fat woman in an extremely blue coat and with an iPod earpiece in one ear picks a red sprayer from the shelf. Completely absorbed by her podcast she pumps it up with her elbows waving around as if she tried to fly from the place.
*dunkh!* *dunkh!* *dunkh!"
She aims the sprayer at her cheek and releases the pressure block
Hm, the red one obviously was no good. Still she tests three more of the reds before she realises that there are a huge amount of blue and green ones too. A green one is picked from the shelf. The neat girls buying schampoo are already staring down the aisle. The woman pumps up the green sprayer,
*DUNKH!* *dunkh!* *dunkh!*
aims at her cheek and releases the block.
This one is unbroken, still she tries out the few other red ones that are left before she settles on the green and a blue one. She wanders off to the checkout oblivious to the fact that everyone are staring at her.

I should be blushing, or at least be embarrassed, but I think I've grown too old for that. After all, I've learnt what pressure plant sprayer is called in german, and I now have to good ones for my indoor gardens. My plants will thrive!

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