Thursday, January 31, 2008

To whom the bell tolls

Yesterday I sowed the first batch of seeds from my new Impectadelivery. Nine different plants were given two chances (ie. two seedling pots) to grow. Since I like the thought of being frugal I'd collected empty eggshells (a classig according to mr Brown Thumb) and empty toilett paper rolls, and in addition I made some pots out of an old paper bag from IKEA. I choose the bag since it was made of uncoloured and unbleached paper - the only sturdy paper of that kind I could find. In the same time I handled the son, who wanted to help, and the hubby, who Was Kind (tm).

I put the different pots in empty takeaway containers. Well, I covered the bottom with leca to help the pots stand straight. As they were filled with soile I meditated on the question of cover. Last time I used the lids of the boxes (semi transparent), but that time I used empty egg cartons, these pots are a lot taller. I decided on using plastic bags, which is a classic too.

Wait a minute - I do have a large glass bell looking as if it's been made for the purpose of shelter seedlings. Since it's rescued from the chemistry department of Uppsala University I suspect it once covered some experiments, but that's not a hindrance to making it a mini greenhouse. I could see it from where I sat, it was tucked into an 'unika'basket on the top of our bookcases. Since our cases are two and a half meter tall (or eight feet four inches) I figured it wasn't possible for me to retrieve that heavy bundle while tippytoeing on a chair.

I decided on bags. Happy to have made a decision I continued my sowing, and then it occured to me; I do have a mini greenhouse! Why on earth am I tampering around with lunchboxes? Duh!

On the other hand I didn't remember where the greenhouse is, so I decided to sow the last seeds instead. Perhaps I should had given it a second thought, because when I tried to cover the boxes even our biggest plastic bags were too small for them. I quickly made my hubby bring down the glass bell
"Why not put the boxes in the greenhouse?" he asked.
"Becuase I probably put it under the stairs," was my reply.

He went to look at the wall of things that's behind the door to the understairs cupboard. For some reason a lot of irrelevant stuff have collected there, despite the fact that we organized the space minutely only three months ago. Understairs cupboards has to be selective black holes; eating stuff that can be of use, but leaving humans alone - so they wont suspect anything. I swear, if we ever clean this space out we'll find Harry Potter.

I tried to get all three boxes inside the bell, eventhough a quick occular estimation already had told me that only two would fit. For a short moment I considered cutting some corners, and then I did what any normal person would do; I put two in the bell, and taped two plastic bags together as cover for the third one. This is how it looks now:

In the pots I've sown

  • Lemon balm
  • Basil 'Genovese'
  • Stevia
  • Salvia
  • Chives
  • Nasturtium 'Alaska'
  • Kyona Mizuna cabbage
  • Leaf amaranth

My documentation is made on the back of an old envelope, which makes it possible for me to store copies of the catalogue posts for my seedlings. To be able to tell the three boxes appart I've named them Agnes, Cecilia and Katarina. The theme is female saints, in case you wondered.

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