Saturday, January 19, 2008

Solarpowered hydroculture

For many years I've dreamed about having my own drip hydroculture (you can build hydrocultures roughly in two ways; either you let the water drip into the top of the pots and collect it when it have flown through - or you can use an ebb-flow system where the pots are regularly dipped into the water or the water are pumped into them from below, and then drained away). Of course my dream system are the hardest to find on YouTube, at least if you want to know how to build it yourself. This film is one of the few I've found, and here they use vermicompost composttea for nutrients, which is unique.

Hydroponic recirculating solar powered system

Here is a system for do-it-your-selfers that builds (roughly) on the ebb-flow principle.

Build a Hydroponics System Cheaply & Easily

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