Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wiggly things...

Here's a picture of my two new projects. The can contains spelt and water. Space for growing is limited in a flat, so sprouts should be a big part of any indoor gardener's produce. Unfortunately I can't eat anything from podded fruits, and most of the easily sprouted seeds are from podded fruits, this includes fenugreek and alfalfa. Since sprouting is kind of "low status" among gardeners, it isn't easy to find any good information about alternatives. Ever since I read that some sprouts are poisonous I haven't done any sprouting at all.

Common wheat (close relative of spelt), on the other hand, are considered safe, and I have finally come across a bag of seemingly whole seeds. (I've spent a summer doing occular seed analyses so I've had my share of seeds.) The outer shell is removed, something my greedy eyes didn't see at the store, so I'm not shure this batch will turn out ok - in the worst case scenario I've made a cold and chewy porridge.

The plastic set of drawers are my vermicompost (pdf-link) to be. The top drawer will become the active compost, the middle will catch the fluid (the compost tea) and the bottom one will be the 'changing box', ie. I start a new compost in it when the first drawer is full. In this way I'll be able to wash the compost boxes and will instantly have a place to put my worms when I empty the first one. With some yards of thick fabric, velcro and our trusty gluegun I'll provide the wigglers with the darkness they'll need to work.

The only thing I have to do now is to retrieve our drill from our neighbour, and order some worms...

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