Wednesday, June 04, 2008

At last!

I don't dare calculating how late I am, but now I have a new seedstarting round on the table! This time I didn't try plan something, rather I shopped around in my seed cartons.
"Let's see nooooow, what do I have here? Fennel, should be a good replacement for those carrots. Buck's-horns plantain, why did I buy that? Well, I'd better sow it and see what it is. Hmmmmm, some leftover sunflower seeds - I may need some new plants for the allotment. Tomatoes! I mustn't forget the tomatoes! And those nasturtium seeds are pretty old so I might as well sow them too."

Fiftyeight eggshells and plastic bottles are now crammed into my two greenhouses (see! I finally got use for that expensive storebought thing!) and tomorrow I'll add containers with beans and nasturtium to them.

I realise I should read my email more often. Last night I found out that this blog has been featured in the latest newsletter of Patti Moreno (GardenGirlTV). Cool! I'm really honoured!


I'm pretty fond of Cafe Press. The feeling of seeing one's pictures printed professionally on everything from teddybears to posters is hard to beat. That's why I started to put up my pic of the day there. If you like the blog or the photo you can buy some prints. (I'm doing this for the fun of it, but this doesn't keep me from saying "Shop 'till you drop!" ;-) )

Prints of today's pic here.


Marcie said...

You are so creative with your indoor gardening. I read through some previous blog entries and laughed at your comment about IKEA. How true! It IS a game shopping there, one I never win. I'll have to use that quote someday. I'll check your blog again soon!

Rosengeranium said...

Thanks! I wouldn't win a game shopping through Pencil Pointers either - I'm a total junkie for everything that's educational. I'll probable safeguard myself by leaving cash and creditcards at home if I ever have a chance to visit.