Monday, June 23, 2008

Pondering water

A good thing about being ill is the time for thinking you get. Right now my thoughts circles around effectivisation of watering, planting, nutrition - well effectivisation of everything. Partly because this will give me more time to heal, partly because I'd appreciate some time off even when I'm healthy.

Watering steals most of my time and efforts. A nordic company (Gardena) sells a drip irrigation system that looks nice. (Sorry about the swedish link - this company do only have websites for their customers in the nordic countries, which means I could choose between swedish, norwegian and danish. I hope you have similar systems.)

And expensive.

I could start to use selfwatering containers again, or perhaps build my own drip irrigation system. Hmmmm... that last things speaks to my inner gadgeteer, I think I'll ponder this some more. Like I said, I have the time for it.

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